Club Officer Training – Summer 2014

The Toastmasters’ year starts on 1st July. So, we are starting our year, with lots of new faces as officers. Toastmasters requests the officers are trained in their functions. For that purpose, a Club Officer Training was organized by the Area Governor (AG) in Madrid for all clubs in town, with a fantastic attendance.
Club Officer Training

Area H4- Madrid Officers

During this meeting, the club officers (President, VP Education, VP Membership, VP Public Relations, Treasurer and Sargent at Arms) received several useful information from the AG:
  • Distinguished Club Program (DCP), a program that gives SMART goals to the clubs, and that is used to evaluate the health of the clubs. The DCP is a simple toolbox to run the club: if any club officers team focus on achieving the goals, the club will survive. The clubs have a good membership base, and all clubs were distinguished clubs last year, which sets them in the good pace to continue excelling
  • Roles in the Club and their Responsibilities, with a round table sharing good experiences and challenges in the performance of their dues, to inspire/be replied by the rest of officers. Several really good ideas came thorugh this chapter, as a weekly club newsletter, the inclusion of the gamification concept in the club leadership activities, creating process diagrams of some of the officers’ activities, or the celebration of the club birthday, making the new members go one step further in the assumption of roles in the meeting.
  • Fall Contests: Table Topics and Humorous Speech contests. They will be run at Area level in both English and Spanish, and that is also applicable to Division level (Spain)
  • New potential clubs in the Area (advanced: Jim&Tonic, corporate: Axa, Airbus) will need the support from the rest of the members to make it easy for them to charter officially.
  • Where we are: there are many changes at upper organizational levels in Toastmasters that were also shared in this training. Our District, which used to comprise all Continental Europe had to split on 1st July 2014 into two, and our new District only comprises: Spain, Portugal, Italy, Switzerland, France, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. We will also go through a similar process in our Division, which used to cover the whole Spain, but from 1st July 2015, it will need to be split in two. How it will be divided is to be discussed and decided by all members in Spain during this TM year.
  • Division Conference: Madrid will have the pleasure to organize the last Division Conference, where all clubs in Spain belong to the same Division. This involves a lot of work of many people, and volunteers from all clubs are more than welcome.

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