Area H4 – Spring Contest Results

Saturday morning. Before 10 a.m. More than 60 Toastmasters in Madrid gathered together in a hotel room to take part in the Spring Contest of the Area H4, which corresponds to all clubs in Madrid.


It was a busy morning, full of inspiring speeches, and valuable evaluations, which was possible thanks to the contest masters (Aline Casanova and Julian Martelli), the chief judges (Manolo López and Raquel García), the timers (Chus Gallego and Daniel Piñeiro), the counters (Adolfo Núñez and Mila Alcojor), the judges (secret!), and the top-class target speakers (Jesús Alcoba and Masha Marjevscaia). The results of the contests are as follows, and the winners will compete in the coming Division Conference in Madrid, on 25th April.

Speech Contest (Spanish)

2015 Spring Contest - Spanish Speech

Speech Contest (Spanish) – Winners

1st: Lucía Maté (Excelencia Toastmasters)

2nd: Ricardo Jiménez (Standing Ovation)

3rd: Teresa Ortega (Madrid Toastmasters)

Evaluation Contest (Spanish)

Evaluation Contest (Spanish)

Evaluation Contest (Spanish) – Winners

1st: Agustín Millán (Nova Communication)

2nd: Luciana Riestra (Madrid Toastmasters)

3rd: Luís Pérez (Ericsson Toastmasters)

Speech Contest (English)

Speech Contest (English) - Winners

Speech Contest (English) – Winners

1st: Kris Pritchard (Nova Communication)

2nd: Eric David (Madrid Toastmasters)

3rd: Javier Pastor (Ericsson Toastmasters)

Evaluation Contest (English)

Evaluation Contest (English) - Winners

Evaluation Contest (English) – Winners

1st: Olga Barroso (Nova Communication)

2nd: Jaime Irastorza (Madrid Toastmasters)

3rd: Jonas Hogber (Ericsson Toastmasters)


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