Blogging Policy for Toastmasters Clubs In Madrid

Blog Team

  1. Area Governor(s)
  2. At least one member from each club
  3. VP Public Relations of each Club


  1. Announce events in the area
  2. Promote Toastmasters Clubs in Madrid
  3. Capture Traffic in Search Engines with key words related to Toastmasters
  4. Languages: English & Spanish


  1. Admin: Nacho Arenas
  2. Editor: Area Governor(s)
  3. Contributor: Rest of the Team


  1. Each Club: Keep up-to-date Calendar
  2. Area Governors: Announce trans-club events: Area Contests, Club Officer Trainings, Joint Events.
  3. Each Club: Announce special Events: Special Workshops, Meetings with Speeches leading to an award (10th, 20th, 30th, 40th)
  4. Anyone: Share Materials from Workshops
  5. Everyone: Promote the club’s

Acceptable Content

  1. Inter-club Events
  2. Special Events in Clubs (Workshops, Speeches Leading to an award (10th-20th-30th-40th))
  3. Material Prepared for any workshop related to Toastmasters
  4. Other Toastmasters-related material created by any member
  5. Link to the club page (at about the club that the author belongs to
  6. Link (1) to the author’s Web/Linkedin/Facebook/Twitter
  7. New Clubs Creation

Not Acceptable Content

  1. Self-marketing posts
  2. Books, Webs, Seminars, etc.
  3. Non-Toastmasters related material

Approval Process

  1. Area Governor(s)




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